When I secured the AGESAFE.COM in 2002, it was based on an idea to preserve and protect the age of a person. I thought, what are the main focuses a person, such as myself, could do, to preserve the youth and enjoy life in a calm, peaceful and proper way, eliminating as many stresses and problems so that I wouldn’t get into a trap of aging faster and looking older than my time. So, I figured, the concept of “AGESAFE”.

While no other company existed, I thought, I could secure this so I can one day provide information and guides to people, not just for myself, but for the purposes for everyone to benefit and learn because who wouldn’t want to have tips and tricks on having the right mentality and mindset that could save our lives. Isn’t that important to us all? Ofcourse.

I am a serial entrepreneur and I have started many ventures since late 90’s and today, I am able to use technology to setup various guides to help the Internet Community benefit from my ideas and visions, just as I have been doing on my existing ventures.


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